Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hey StreamerZ! so Pinky -owner of this blog- started a dance group called "ASAP" us girls have been working REAL hard these two days. We might have a show either Friday or Saturday! ^_^ so please help support us ;D

Those are some pictures of some of the girls! we'll that's all for today!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What's your feedback on "Roar?"

Hey Streamerz, So I Loved the new song Katy Perry released a few weeks ago ... It's awesome! If you guys haven't heard it check it out here:
Send Me Your Feedback On "Roar!" ;) 
See you next time. Bye! -Tori <3

Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey StreamerZ! I don't know about you, but I've been freezing!! these couple of days. So cold! burrr. Anyways, so I'm not going to be active on woozworld for a couple of weeks. Due to me being busy because of school, -rolls eyes- but I'll check woozin once in a while to keep posting on the blog. :). So Jaywooz posted a post on woozin today and this is what the blog said,WoozScoop: Woozband involved in a plane crash! Some missing!
Attention, attention, two of our beloved WoozBand members went missing after a plane crash: MaxWooz andMyaWooz.
The events took place in the night of Sunday the 15 to Monday the 16 of September, when the airplane carryingMyaJayJenny and Max, accompanied by ZeenaWooz (last seen at last week’s Pajama Party) was approaching the coast of Bali,Indonesia.
The incident occurred a few minutes before landing.
JennyJay and Zeena are well and are currently being transported to a villa in which they’ll be able to recover from all their emotions.
Mya and Max are still missing, probably lost in the dense jungle on this mysterious island… According to the rescued passengers, a mysterious shadow (maybe smoke ? Maybe a ghost ?) scared our friends away, appearing from time to time, especially when Woozens are alone. A search team is actively looking for the missing passengers.
What is going to happen? Where are Mya and Max? …
More info as soon as we get some. Follow everything on the blog or even on the WoozIn.
I'm excited for what's going to happen ;oo Anyways, that's all for today.. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

~~Sytlez from Sunny~~

Hey people!!!!!! :DD

Miss me? ik you did ;) well.... i was lucky enough to get a pic with Sunny! (Sunset916) btw did i mention she is rocking that outfit?!?!?!!?! ik right :P well... she is a super sweet girl and super super nice! :D her unitz are always and i mean always on HOTNOW! :DD so sweet :') i wish i was as famous as her!!!! .-. then again she has been on  leader boards for quit some time :P which is a great accomplishment! :D here is da pic :P 

Well now its time to say bye .-. and ik ik i'm the best :') but you know whts coming next :P

Watch out for ma next post! :D


Cooly :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't Worry.

I know I know... the blog is lacking a lot. I promise you everything will be back up and running by Halloween. It's cause Pengy (The Co-Owner) she usually helps me edit the new blog header but she is moving into a new house. So she really doesn't have a lot of time. & Eminem & Sel are both really busy with school. So I did my best on the title I know it's so freaking horrible. Im horrible at doing titles but good at all the other stuff lol. But yeah... So by Halloween/End of October everything will be brand new and new things and hopefully more new bloggers and new looks and just so much better! (: But in order to get new things we NEED YOUR HELP.. So in the suggestion box I need you to fill out what you want to see or what we should have on the blog. :P The suggestion box is located on the left side of the blog. Just scroll until you seeee it. Ok byeeeee.
Hey guys!!
I know I didnt post in like SOOO long. Im sorry guys. I was kinda Locked out of my email But Im back and Better then ever And I will Be posting more frequently! I promise Guys! L00L Don't hate me c: ?

Later Guys! 


~~Pj Time~~

Hey People :P

I just wanted to show you the awesome Pj's incase you haven't been on for some time, and wanted to see the blog (like i always do) so here are the new outfits! :D   


I know, I know i look awesome in them ;) but i especially like Asianlovely's design it just looks awesome! :D 

Watch out for ma next posts! :D 

Cooly :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


OMG!! Hey guys :)

I hope most of you StreamerZ remember me '-' well... you better xD i didn't have to do trial for a reason, for all you new StreamerZ i bet your wondering, how did she become in the StreamZ Team without going on trial!?!?!?! omg what is happening?!?! well... i was on the StreamZ Team from before then i quit because of school... but i realised i really miss posting .-. so i just messages Pink and she let me back on :DD also.. for the older StreamerZ i bet your remember that i was first 'The Musician' well now i'm 'The Researcher' because i'm awesome at researching and very fast at it ;)so... oh ye ' forgetting something! my Woozen name is X-x3-Cooly-x3-X just go to 'Search a woozen' type: Victoriajusticem and i'm in her hot friends :P it doesn't come... oh ye and to know its me you will see a picture and 'Sincerely Cooly :)' at the end ;) so...

Watch out for ma next post! C:


Cooly :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woozworld Newz

Hey StreamerZ! as you probably seen. Someone.. i don't know who, started a rumour that woozworld was closing down. But earlier, mod came to vist us and told us that it's here to stay :D.

also, he told us they're picking new woozguidez this week..

well there you have it!!
So don't freak out, WOOZWORLD is not closing down..

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blog Revamp!

It's Eminem144, Mr. Behind the Scenes! I've been making small changes to the layout of the blog, and I'm not done! I have some exciting new things for Wooz StreamZ, as well as suggestions for the current bloggers. I've only made some small changes right now, like template, sizes of things, layout, and adding some new things as well as removing some old things from the Wooz StreamZ sidebar. For all bloggers, even if you're on trial, please use LABELS! They are on the right side under Post Settings when you write a post like I am doing now. Write labels that are relevant so that our beloved readers will be able to find posts by Blogger name, by category (Fashion, Meet - n - Greet, Tutorial, Video, Q and A, Contest, Update, WoozWorld News, etc.), as well as writing trial as one of the labels if you are on trial. I have added a new and great function where you can find ALL LABELS!!! Lots more is to come for this whole Blog! I can be reached on Woozworld by message. My Woozen is Eminem144. I will be happy to help with any technical issues. I'm proficient with coding websites, so I can fix almost anything!
Have a great day StreamerZ, and enjoy the new improvements to the website!


P.S. All bloggers will have a list of tags they should use emailed to them by me or Pinklover5214

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Hey StreamerZ Happy Labor Day ;oo. isn't it weird that like we celebrate Labor Day by NOT going to our jobs? xDD well i don't have a job o_o but yea... other people do. Anyways... Did you see the outfits Aeropostale, Insanee1 and -AVYTA designed?! they're amazing ^-^ Also there's that Pj design thingy contest. Are YOU entering?! Until next time..

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hey guy. Good Afternoon :P well, i don't know if you guys are as confused as i am. But, i have noticed there hasn't been a star of the week? what happened? o.0 anyways, this morning i took a look at woozen quests. SERIOUSLY?! again with protesting? please stop!!  it's soo sad seeying how people changed being bullies :( I also have a protest.. some people might not agree with me, but.. i spent over $100 on 'store exclusively' clothes. WHICH are now in shopz. i. honesty got ripped off :/ I'm contacting woozworld workers for this as soon as possible. Ok! well that's all for now. Btw i finally did another pic ;oo

ContestZ Time!!

Hey StreamerZ, We haven't done a contest in a LONG time .. so I decided to do one! :) Here's the info
                            "Ulitmate Fashion Contest"
What you have to do is make an album, full of pics for Back 2 school outfits and then post on my Wallz at Tori546k telling me to check out your Albumz, i will message you that i've seen it and i will write you in my book my score for you for each pic, then by September 14th I will look in my book for the scores and names, add them all up and make a video telling what you guys get! :)
                               First Place gets: 5000 Wooz!
                              Second Place gets: 4000 Wooz!
                               Third Place gets: 2000 Wooz!

Good Luck! I Hope you guys do it and i hope you guys like it be sure to make a Albumz not email me :P If you have any questions email me at: ToriWzw@gmail.com or message me at Tori546k! Thanks for reading! Bye! <3 P.S. make sure to have 5 pics or more :) 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mix it up

Hey StreamerZ! i honesty think i did WAY better posts way back when i was on trial. :/ I need to do a better job :( I'm sorry, i apologize. On the meantime, They aren't choosing new woozguidez it was just a little glitch that is now fixed. Also, I am working on a new photo edit! :D i haven't had enough time. After school i have cheerleading practice and volleyball and then homework. I have like really little time but i can still post stuff :) Oh and i haven't been on Woozworld world in a while and when i logged on, i saw the new thingy im just like: :o how do i even play woozworld i forgot xD hehe. anyway, have a great night '.' see you streamerZ later.

Hey guys!
Omg. it's so cool! I save alot of time with it!
I find that it is one of the few updates I actually like! How about you?


I'm Back

Hey Guys! Tori here and I'm back ;D I missed you guys so much!! Anyways, just bought the Summer Sale!! And I'm so Excited for Jay's Birthday Party, sadly I won't make it "in" but i probably would be there ... :P Anyways missed you guys and i hope you guys have a good Back 2 school day ! (or you already have lol) Peace Out! -Tori
Did everybody have fun for Summer Vacation? :D

School Is coming D: Good luck everyone o3o

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New To Woozworld!

Hey woozens it's Paris I decided to post more and still focus on my homework. So today I bumped in to a old wooz-streamer and her name is... Tori546k! :) She is a really old wooz-streamer and I just wanted to pull up her name for old times! :) Ok now so have you guys been hearing about this new ''Market Place'' :O Well if you dident here it is!

As you guys already know, Woozworld is a place that Evolves constantly. That’s why we’re proud to announce our New Marketplace! With this new feature, you’ll have direct access to all the items that your fellow Woozens want to sell. And the icing on cake….You can get those Items without having to move around in the unitz (like inShopz). Isn’t life grand?
To promote an item in the Marketplace, you just have to click on the “Promote to Marketplace” button (*) that appears in your shopz podz.
Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.24.24 AM
To avoid coming face to face with a closed shop podz, know that from now on , anything that is “promoted” in the Marketplace will automatically open the shopz podz where the item is located!No more frustration when you’re not able to access the item of your dreams due to a locked shopz podz! :)

Oh and  heres the video of me! I really felt that I knew you guys for a while so this is me :)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey guys so school started and I am in middle school so i get out at 23:30 and after school i got after school care than after that I got cheer than after cheer I go to sleep so I have to quit this blog, I really had fun and I'm moving on with my life this is a online game I know its addicting but sometimes you cant let games interact with school so I'm sorry guys I did have fun like I said, I do blogg alot and I might seem boring but It was really good news, you guys treated me life family and you went threw every step with me alot of the bloggers I knew is gone and now I am to, I might be back during the summer or when cheerleading ends (Thats really close) Or I cannn blog every FRIDAYS!!! :D Thats when I dont have cheer and I get out of school early c: So if Pinki is okay with every Fridays than yes. But otherwise I will miss all of you ;') Oh if I stay I will post a video of me :)


New WoozguideZ

Hey StreamerZ! so turns out, the woozguide's three months are over. so pretty soon they might be choosing new ones! ^o^ are you guys entering ?!? (:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why so serious everybody? Just let loose, DONT THINK.DO!

So Sorry.

So Im sure a lot of you have been wondering that our blog is lacking so much with the posts, and updates, and everything. I don't know why everyone isn't posting once each day like their suppose to. Take 10 min to post? Isn't that hard. I also think the problem is that we don't have enough members. Interested in joining Wooz Streamz? Message the owner! (Look in the blog info for her username) Sel is working on our new header. I have to find a new way to do it because it takes too long to get them done how I want them done. I usually update the blog every month with new things but I have no new things to update on the blog... So if you guys have any suggestions that you would like to see on this blog fill out the suggestion box at the bottom on the left sidebar? Please and thanks. I know we've all been busy with school starting back up and eveything. But I just feel like the blog isn't up and running then how it use to be when it first launched. So yuuuh. Help us get some new features and fill out the suggestion box? Thanks!


Hey StreamerZ! sorry I haven't  been posting. I've been busy in school :(. So.. i was just scrolling across woozin when i see Lillymcelroy saying: I'm not a woozguide anymore. 'o' WUTTTT. idk the reason but I'll keep you guys updated.. The question is.. Who will be our new woozguide in replacement :D?!? could it be you?!?

Until next time..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

KylahXD's Contestt ! ;*

Hey Everybodyy Once Again ! I'm Having A Contest And I Want You Guys To Join It If You May. o3o.  

               Theme 1: What You Want To Be For Halloween 
               Theme 2: What You Want To Be When You're Older
               Theme 3: Your Favorite Candys Color ! (Logo Colors) 
                  * Pick One Theme*

                 First Place-- One Thousand Wooz <3
                 Second Place-- Five Hundred Wooz <3 
                Third Place-- One Hundred Wooz <3 
                      Most Creative-- Three Hundred
                      Most Likes-- One Hundred

ANY QUESTIONS ? Message Me ~KylahXD 

Hey Guys ! <3 New Blogger Here ;) I Hope You Guys Enjoy Meh ! (: 
I'll Do My Best To Respect You If You Can Respect Me Also. HAVE FUN ! c; 

***Sorry.. & More...***

Hey, guys :) i'm sorry i didn't get to post much this week :'( i was really busy '-' .. .-. so... i will try to post more :) i might not be able to post tomorrow because school is next Wednesday! and stuff... '-' 

Now.. i couldn't think of anything so... i wanna show you a few pics of really cool outfits :)

number 1 ''The Teen '

number 2 ''The Rockstar''   


number 3 ''The Suspenders''


Watch out for ma next posts :) 

Cooly :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

I haven't been posting in so long! I actually got sick for A bit. I tried to go on woozworld for a bit and ya know check out unitz but i couldn't really go on for more then half an hour and that isn't long enough to find some hackers or scams in woozworld. I PROMISE I will be posting very soon (maybe tomorrow)
I am very sorry i didn't notify anyone that I wasn't going to post I should have. :/ Please forgive me?


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hey Streamerz :))) OMG there was a hacker in this unit... Anyways soon enough we all got kicked out. I think hes just a fake cuz he didnt hack anyone but still a lot of people were there :/ - Liiil Miiis Tiiiger :*

~~ Deadmau5's & Wooz-Streamz Team~~

Hey guys :)

Im super happy because... if you didn't see the Streamz Stats im finally part of the Streamz-Team :) im soooooooo happy :DD
My ''Name Title is'' 

The Musical: X-x3-Cooly-x3-X

Im pretty sure is that you all are in super need of Deadmau5's but even i'm not sure on how to get it :( but my reel life best friend's cousin (her woozin name is: lulwaalyousif) has like 74 of anything of any type of deadmau5 hair or shirt!! now dont say you should have asked her but... tried it .-. XD lol but ye i did try and she said no :( XP so.... still saying this... if you are selling deadmau5 message me coolywzw@gmail.com or my woozin name X-x3-Cooly-x3-X so just message or e-mail me or somthing.... well this is all i got for today :)

Wathch out for ma next post :)


Cooly :)